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DECORATING WITH PASSION Only decorator Miles Redd could dream up the colors and pattern combinations in this Manhattan apartment. And it’s exactly the look this growing family refused to lose when they had to move. INTERVIEW: Blake Brunson | PHOTOGRAPHY: Roland Bello | PRODUCER:  Doretta Sperduto
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Shades on Visual Comfort floor lamps pick up the red in the ticking stripe on the sofa and make this living room corner more cozy.  Stool, Treillage.  Artwork, Damien Hirst.

That entry packs a lot of punch.

The couple wanted a wow moment when you walk in the front door. The wife is super-stylish, and she wanted it to feel like an opium den where Yves Saint Laurent had just left the room. We were very much inspired by the aubergine ikat wallpaper and loved the chic madness against the black and white-painted geometric floor.

It looks as if this apartment was just made for their art collection, which I should mention consists of an Ellsworth Kelly, a Damien Hirst, and a Kehinde Wiley, just to name a few.

I did take their art into consideration. I knew the Ellsworth Kelly would just sing on the blue chinoiserie walls. But at the same time, I don’t mind adapting to decisions on the spot. Sometimes the most unusual creations are happy accidents. Part of it is planned, but part of it is just showing up at the installation and saying, ‘That looks amazing, hand it there.'

What would you say were the happy accidents here?

The collage in the family room. It got a lot more important pieces of art than we intended, but they looked so great together. We liked the mix of high and low, the Josef Albers

work hanging among things that are not necessarily as grand. It’s that combination of the haute and the humble that always makes a room interesting.

Like the ticking stripe on the custom sofa that I bought in the garment district. Ticking was originally for mattresses, right?

Exactly. I love that sofa.

Me too! What do you love about it?

It’s comfortable and low, and it has that loosely gathered skirt, giving it a feminine quality. I love the bolster arm, that it’s in something simple like red-and-white ticking, which makes it bright and fresh. There’s something utilitarian about it, like an army-navy store.

Beyond the sofa, what was the most appealing thing about this project?

The people who live here are very passionate, charismatic, and stylish, and they pushed me to create a fantasy oasis for their busy lives. Decorating is such an expression of personal taste. They are bright, shiny, happy folks, and I think the apartment is reflective of their spirit.

"I like kitchens to have a utilitarian clarity," Redd says. “The pale robin's-egg blue and the white subway tile—it’s just a fresh place to be in the morning." Walls in Fine Paints of Europe’s Mystic Blue. Range and hood, Wolf, Faucet, Rohl.

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